OralDNA® Tests help our periodontist diagnose and treat your gum disease with greater efficiency. OralDNA Tests involve our team taking a saliva sample and then evaluating the genetic makeup of the bacteria within the sample. In fact, OralDNA Tests can be performed quickly at our office, with the sample being sent to OralDNA for analysis. Scientists have been able to identify common bacterial strains that are most common in gum disease. By analyzing which bacteria are causing your disease, we can generate a treatment plan that will take the bacteria types into account. We are pleased to feature OralDNA tests as a part of our commitment to utilizing the latest in dental technology.

We believe that by using state-of-the-art innovations in dental services and technology, we can help our patients achieve better outcomes. We work hard to combine dental technology with our commitment to individualized, empathetic care to give you excellent dental care. If you have questions about OralDNA Tests in Worcester, Massachusetts, we invite you to contact our friendly team. We are prepared to answer your questions, and Dr. Akram Rafla looks forward to meeting you during your next visit to our office. Call today to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Akram Rafla.