Bone morphogenetic protein 2, or BMP-2, is a protein that is found naturally in your body. It has a remarkable ability to stimulate bone growth and production, and has been investigated extensively by medical researchers in recent years. Recently, the FDA approved the use of BMP-2 in clinical settings to improve patient outcomes. We are pleased to offer BMP-2 services at the office of Dr. Akram Rafla. If your dental service would have required a bone graft, our periodontist can naturally stimulate the production of new bone at the site of proposed treatment to help you avoid the need for a traditional bone graft. Bone grafts are costly and involve another surgical procedure. By utilizing our FDA-approved BMP-2 technology, we can help you be on the road to a healthier smile much more efficiently.

We invite you to contact our friendly team at the office of Dr. Akram Rafla to learn more about our dental technology, including BMP-2 in Worcester, Massachusetts. We work hard to provide our patients with excellent care by combining the latest in dental technology, such as BMP-2, with our individualized, gentle services. Schedule your next appointment with Dr. Akram Rafla today. We look forward to helping you achieve the dental health you deserve.