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Our team at Akram E. Rafla, DMD, PC helps patients achieve stronger, healthier smile through a variety of procedures for oral and maxillofacial treatment, and this includes providing sinus lifts for bone health. Sinus lifts are performed to increase bone density in the upper jaw around the molars and premolars, usually to support dental implants.

Our team may recommend that you receive a sinus lift if severe bone loss has occurred in your upper jaw after gum disease, there isn’t enough height in the jawbone or your sinuses are spaced too closely to accommodate another procedure.

The purpose of a sinus lift procedure is to improve the health and structure of the bone around the maxillary sinus, which is a space above the upper teeth behind the cheek area. The sinuses can be found on either side of your nose above the jawbone, and if you experience tooth loss in this area, you could also lose bone structure surrounding the sinuses and be unable to support a dental implant is something isn’t done.

To perform a sinus lift, our team can add a grafting material to the bone structure where the sinuses are so that we can later place a dental implant and fill the gaps left by missing teeth. In addition to providing sinus lifts and ensuring our patients are comfortable during their procedures, we have a lot of experience in providing aftercare and helping you have a successful recovery.

To learn more about whether you should receive a sinus lift in Worcester and Marlborough, Massachusetts, please call 508.499.3566 today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Rafla and our team!