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Have you been told you needed a bone graft but are not sure what that means? If so, you are in the right place! Bone grafting is a procedure that will add strength and support to your jaw. To help you learn more about bone grafting, our periodontist here at Akram E. Rafla, DMD, PC in Worcester and Marlborough, Massachusetts, is happy to give you this list of information, so you understand the importance of bone grafting.

Here is what bone grafting can be used for and why it’s so important:

– Dental Implants: Bone grafting treatments are typically used with dental implant procedures.
– Weak Jaw: If you have a weak jaw, it will need to be strengthened before an implant can be placed.
– Periodontal Dentistry: Bone grafting treatments are often used for periodontal dentistry procedures.
– Bone Graft Basics: Bone grafting treatments pull a bone from one section of your body and place it on your jawbone. In some cases, special bone grafting materials can be used.
– Timeline: A bone graft typically takes several months to strengthen before a dental implant can be placed.
– Jawbone Strength: Your jawbone must be strong enough to support a dental implant. If it is not, a bone grafting procedure or alternative replacement treatment will be required.

As you can see, bone grafting has many benefits and qualities that can improve your oral health. If you have questions about this procedure, please call 508.499.3566 to schedule an appointment with our friendly team and Dr. Rafla. We are always happy to help you with any questions or concerns you have pertaining to your oral health.