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From replacing missing teeth with dental implants to repairing a smile damaged by gum disease, periodontics can do a lot to restore a smile. While periodontics really can make a difference for your smile, many of the procedures involve some sort of surgery. At Akram E. Rafla, DMD, PC, our periodontist, will discuss what your treatment involves and what you need to do before and after your surgery to have a successful treatment.

To help you have a speedy recovery free of complications, we will provide you with several post-operative instructions. Many of these instructions overlap between surgical procedures and are for your benefit.

  • Some amount of swelling is expected after surgery. Apply a cold compress to the treatment area in 10-minute intervals during the first 48 hours to reduce swelling.
  • Take any prescribed pain medication or antibiotics as directed. We will inform you if over-the-counter pain medications are okay.
  • Bleeding is normal after surgery. Place a gauze pad or moistened tea bag over the treated area and gently apply pressure in 20-minute intervals.
  • Keep your head elevated when lying down.
  • Do not rinse your mouth or brush or floss around the treatment area until our periodontist says it is okay.
  • Stay hydrated and eat nutritious soft foods.
  • Rest and avoid excessive physical activity for the first 48 hours.

Before your surgery, we will review any additional post-operative instructions with you to help your recovery go smoothly. If you have any questions or concerns about what to do after your periodontal surgery in Worcester, Massachusetts, we invite you to contact Akram E. Rafla, DMD, PC at 508.499.3566.