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You may have missing teeth and your jawbone is deteriorating, without any answer to what you can do to repair your smile. Here at Akram E. Rafla, DMD, PC, we want to give you the oral health care you need and deserve so you can get back to daily activities. One service we offer that will be beneficial in repairing your alveolar ridge is the ridge augmentation procedure. Read on to learn more about this process.

This is a common procedure when one is repairing the alveolar ridge, using bone graft to recreate the gums and tissue. Here at our Worcester and Marlborough, MA locations, our teams are dedicated in making sure you regain the comfortability of your smile, regaining lost speech functionality, as well as chewing and eating abilities.

With this bone loss, dental implants are near impossible to place so bone grafting material is placed in the indented area, rebuilding the alveolar ridge of the jawbone. This will allow dental implants to be installed and giving you the natural appearance and feel of your regular jaw. This process may be done before you have implants placed or after you have had teeth extracted, preventing any need for a second appointment with another procedure.

Dr. Rafla will be happy to see you and help restore your alveolar ridge structure with the simple procedure of ridge augmentation. We specialize in two different types: soft tissue (gums) and hard tissue (bone). For the restoration of your jaw, call 508.499.3566 today to schedule an appointment!