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Do you have chronic periodontitis? If so, the first treatment your periodontist is likely to offer you is scaling and root planing. According to the Journal of Evidenced-Based Dental Practice, this procedure is the “gold standard” for patients with periodontitis and is the most effective.

But what is it, exactly? Two components of gum disease are gum recession (wherein the roots of your teeth become exposed) and “pockets” in your gums, which provide bacterial toxins, plaque and tartar excellent spots to hide. Scaling eliminates all those hazardous substances from these pockets while root planing levels out any rough areas on the roots of your teeth. Root planing will facilitate new gum tissue regeneration over the exposed roots.

Gum disease can cause your teeth and gums to become highly sensitive, and for that reason, we will apply a numbing agent before we begin the process. There will be no cuts required, and for this reason, scaling and root planing is not considered surgery. Your recovery time will likely not be long or uncomfortable.

After your gums have had the opportunity to recover, Dr. Rafla will call you in for a follow-up visit. In most cases, patients’ gums will mend themselves very well. However, in a minority of cases wherein the disease is more severe, surgical intervention may be required to further treat it. After any major treatments are finished, we will help you book maintenance visits for routine cleanings and exams.

To set up a scaling and root planing or a cleaning and exam at our periodontal clinic in Marlborough, MA, please call 508.499.3566. Soon we’ll have you on your way to healthier and happier smile.