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Never forget the significance your diet has on your smile. Even though brushing and cleaning daily is important to prevent plaque buildup, you can protect your teeth at an earlier stage by lowering your risk for dental damage with the foods and drinks you devour. Poor diet results in poor oral hygiene, so guard your gum line along with your waistline by eating drinking healthy products.

For more information about what foods to avoid, consider the following:

-Stay away from sour candy at all costs. Its acidity is so high that one of the closest substances you can compare it to is car battery acid.
-Some food is more likely than others to easily stick between teeth, such as popcorn products. When food particles are stuck in between teeth, they can increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.
-Stay away from products that are hard or tough, as they may break, chip, loosen, or fracture your teeth. This contains candy apples, corn on the cob, lollipops, hard candies, and a host of other sweets and treats that can break your smile.
-Some foods and substances have a proclivity to sticking to your mouth long after eating them. The longer food particles loiter in your mouth, the longer it can erode your teeth.
-Avoid substances high in sugar, as bacteria in plaque can convert sugar to harmful acids that can eat right through tooth enamel.
-Foods with a low pH should be evaded at all costs. Low pH translates into harmful acids which can chew right through tooth enamel. If high-acidic foods cannot be circumvented, always do your best to eat them with other foods to help neutralize the effects they can have on your teeth.

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