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Dental implants are a very good option when it comes to restoring your smile. Too often, people find themselves with a missing tooth, or a tooth is so far damaged that it would need to be removed. However, over the year’s dental implants have become a popular form of restoration because of their conservative approach, success rate and results they provide.

Here are three reasons dental implants can help you:

Durability: Implants are made to provide a long-term solution to your missing teeth. Our office has over 20 years studies with cumulative success rate over 98.7 % with over 25000 placements.

Healthy bones: Losing one or more teeth will cause deterioration in your jawbone. This can have a rippling effect in your mouth with your remaining teeth. Dental implants will preserve your bone as they will stimulate the jaw bone keeping it more dense.

Strong teeth: Unlike dentures, dental implants will stay in place when you eat, and take the load off the remaining teeth.

If you have questions about dental implants and how they can help you, please call our office today and schedule an appointment. Let us restore your smile today!